Before starting to create new matters it is useful to setup your matternumbering.  You navigate as admin to the settingstab and go to the matternumbering section: 

You give your numbering a name and a format.  The format can be generated by Lexor in the structure you want.  Your numbering can foresee for instance always the first two characters of the year of creating followed by an ascending number. 

You will always get an example below before you save. 


Once you have a numbering you can create new cases by simply clicking on add, matter. 

You just select if you want an automatic number created based on your number definition or a custom numbering.   


The matter info such as procedures, types are mandatory to enrich your data to feed our proposal and quote engines. The procedure and types can also as an admin be managed in the settings section.   

You can add tags as much as you want which will allow you to search afterward in the search bar also on case tags.  The tags can be managed and even merged in the settings page. 

Choose your co-workers working on the matter and if you’ve created some custom fields you can fill them also in the same pane.