Lexor makes use of your Microsoft Office 365 mailbox and calendar to optimally automate your time registration.

It's obvious Lexor needs permission from you to do so. Two kinds of access need to be given:

  1. Personal approval - To which mailbox and calendar you wish to give access?
  2. Approval by a Microsoft Office 365 administrator of your account - Allow Lexor register time based on your Teams calls

1.Personal approval

During the registration process you will be asked to connect to your Microsoft Office 365 account. Indicate which mailbox and calendar Lexor can access. Afterwards Microsoft will ask for your approval.

This is how it goes in Lexor:

Afterwards Microsoft will ask to pick an account (if you would happen to have more than one, pick the one you use for business)...

...followed by the question to give Lexor access to your account.

If you would happen to have skipped this step during the registration process, don't panic. You can always do it later by accessing your profile page (in the top right corner inside Lexor)

2.Approval by an administrator of your Microsoft Office 365 account

If you would like Lexor to register your time spent on Teams calls, an Office 365 administrator needs to give consent to Lexor just to access that data.

Therefore, go to Settings, choose 'Office 365 settings' in the External applications part of the screen.

Only the administrator of the Microsoft Office 365 tenant can give here the admin consent. If you are the administrator, choose the first button to do so. If someone else needs to give permission, you can use the second button to copy the URL and send it to them.