1. How do I make an export of my timesheets?


Go to the tab 'Timesheets overview' (7) on the left. On the right side you can select some filters. Then click on ‘Export’(7). The selected timesheets are now exported to an Excel file.

Afbeelding met tekst

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

2. Where can I find all timesheets belonging to a certain project/matter?


Under the ‘Projects’ tab (8), select the project. Select 'Timesheets' and then you will see a listing of all timesheets in the period you selected. From here you can also make an export to Excel. Depending on your profile, you can filter on multiple employees or you will only see your own booked timesheet. 

Afbeelding met tekst

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving


3. How can I quickly navigate to another day? 


At the top of the search bar of your browser you can manually change the selected date. To do this, you must be on the 'Timesheet input'.

You can also choose to click on the calendar icon on the right next to the week overview. A calendar will now open on which you can select a day.


4. What is the meaning of the red and green markers next to my added timesheets. 


This is the time you have added or subtracted from the time Lexor had already recorded for you. For example, let's say Lexor records for you an email sent of 8 minutes and you choose to round up the time to 10 minutes. Then there will be a green time stamp of +2 minutes. This gives you a clear overview of where you or your employee have made minor adjustments. 

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