In the new version of Lexor, we have added a ‘Timesheets’ screen. You can now group activities in a timesheet and add them to a certain project. This makes approving and processing activities a lot more efficient and clearer for the user. You can also immediately edit activities interactively in the new screen.

Timesheets can be created in the 'Timesheets Input' screen.


The ‘Timesheet’ window consists of 3 parts. In the top part you find the listing of all timesheets you have already created on the chosen day. Below that, you find the 'Activities' section, where all activities are listed that have already been automatically registered by Lexor throughout the day. Finally, on the right hand side you will find a calendar view that gives you a visual representation of the current day. This allows you to fill in any gaps. Above the 'Timesheets' window you will find another handy weekly overview. Here you can also quickly see on which day time registrations are missing.


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