The VOIP endpoint 3cx/CreateCallActivities is used to log a phonecall as an activity in Lexor. Thanks to our AI system and the matching of the caller based on the phone number, Lexor will also try to match the call to the correct project.

By uploading a CSV-file containing the necessary columns, the phonecall is registered automatically in Lexor:

  • historyid 
  • callid 
  • duration 
  • time-start 
  • time-answered 
  • time-end 
  • reason-terminated 
  • from-no 
  • to-no 
  • from-dn 
  • to-dn 
  • dial-no 
  • reason-changed 
  • final-number 
  • final-dn 
  • bill-code 
  • bill-rate 
  • bill-cost 
  • bill-name 
  • chain (; separated) 
  • missed-queue-calls 
  • from-type 
  • to-type
  • final-type
  • from-dispname 
  • to-dispname 
  • final-dispname 

Remark: above configuration was optimized for the 3CX VOIP system. The Public API contains a more generic way to register a phone call. Contact us if none of the existing options match your VOIP-integration needs.

cURL example:

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Basic <encoded TenantID and API Key>' --header 'Content-Type: text/plain' --data-binary '@cdr-210317092659.20841.log'