Lexor can keep track of your activities on websites you choose to track.

To achieve this, install the Chrome extension into your browser, login with your Lexor credentials and choose which sites you would like to start tracking.

1. Install the Chrome extension

Following link takes you to the 'Lexor for Chrome' extension in the Chrome extensions web store:


Choose 'Add to Chrome' and approve the requested permissions by clicking 'Add extension'

The extension will now appear next to the address bar. Right click it and choose 'Pin' to have it available at all times:

Click on the Lexor icon and login with your Lexor credentials to get started:

2. Choose which sites to track

To start the automatic tracking, go to a site you whish to track and open the extension by clicking the Lexor logo. You can now add the visited site to the list of sites to track:

The extension will track no activities, except from the sites you add to the extension.

3. Tracked time in Lexor

Let the tracked browser activity help you to complete your timesheets!

Hover your mousepointer over the browser icon to get more information on the activity


  1. How can I stop tracking a website?
    Go to the addin and click next to the tracked site to remove it from the list. Only activity on the mentioned sites is tracked.
  2. Which browsers are supported?
    Only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are supported.
    (check the explanation from Microsoft on how to achieve this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/add-turn-off-or-remove-extensions-in-microsoft-edge-9c0ec68c-2fbc-2f2c-9ff0-bdc76f46b026)